A company only gets to be 90 years old by staying young. With ESK, you get the best of both worlds: a unique fund of knowledge acquired by experience, and the enthusiasm of a pioneer. An enthusiasm for ceramics and their undiscovered potential, and the fascination of engineering surfaces links us to our customers. We want our products to achieve the maximum and are passionately committed to ensuring that.

Results Oriented

Whether you are looking for answers to complex technological questions or need a cost-effective solution at short notice: we are conscientious enough not to sell you half-baked solutions, and flexible enough to respond rapidly and without red tape.

In Partnership

The most efficient way to work is with people who share your values. Professionalism, transparency, fairness and determination bind us to our customers around the world. On this basis, we create solutions every day for greater success, benefits and quality of life.


Harder, lighter and more heat resistant than steel – and with unmatched versatility. High-performance ceramics are fascinating materials, whose potential is only just being discovered. In this environment, we create confidence through experience, empowerment through cost-optimized manufacturing processes, and reliability through quality. We want to inspire you permanently. For ceramics. For us. For uncompromising quality.