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Flow Reactor

Modular Flow-Reactor Systems out of EKasic® Silicon Carbide

In Flow Chemistry, two or more reagents are continuously pumped into a Flow-reactor, where they mix and subsequently react under precise pressure and thermal control. The major advantages of flow chemistry are faster reactions, cleaner products, safer reactions, quick reaction optimization and easy scale-up.

The ESK industrial Flow-Reactor comprises of EKasic® Silicon Carbide modules housed within a SS frame, through which connection of feed lines and service media are made using Swagelok fittings. The process fluids are heated or cooled within the modules using integrated heat exchangers, when used in conjunction with a service media, and reacted in meso-channel structures.

EKasic® Silicon carbide

The material properties of EKasic® SiC exhibit superior performance regardless of the handled medium. This makes the ESK Flow-Reactor, with EKasic® modules, the perfect device for multi-purpose chemical applications.

EKasic® SiC exhibits:

  • Excellent chemical resistance against aggressive media
  • Temperature resistance up to 1,500 °C
  • Thermal conductivity five times higher than stainless steel


The ESK Flow-Reactor out of EKasic® is the best solution for a wide range of chemical processes including very challenging reactions such as:

  • Fast, highly exothermic reactions
  • Reactions with aggressive media
  • Reactions employing unstable intermediates
  • Hazardous reactions

Flow-Reactor Modules

The ESK Flow-Reactor is based on a modular reactor concept and can be delivered with variable reactor volumes. Our standard reactor MR260 is offered with a system volume of 15 ml/plate and the standard reactor MR500 with 110 ml/plate. To ensure optimum process control, modules with different functions – mixing, residence time and quench - can be freely combined. These modules can be mounted in the steel frame by the customer. Individual modules can be subsequently interchanged or new modules added in order to modify or adapt the function.

Module Holder

The holder comprises a stainless steel frame with integrated connections for process and service media, in which the individual EKasic® SiC modules are installed side by side. The modules are clamped in the holder by means of tension bolts and disk springs. The holder can be modified to suit a desired reaction or process by installing modules with different functions. The modules can be freely combined and retrofitted as required, providing the user with a system that remains flexible for future needs. The EKasic® SiC modules are connected together within the holder via PEEK plates, containing a (wetted) PTFE/perfluoroelastomer flow guide of negligible volume. The process and service media are sealed with perfluoroelastomer O-rings. Alternative gasket materials are available on request.

ESK Reactor MR260 / MR500

The ESK industrial Flow-Reactor comprises of up to six EKasic® SiC modules housed within a SS frame. Upgrades are available to expand the number of modules employed to increase reaction times, system productivity or to enable the addition of a quench input.

Our engineers manufacture the equipment individually to your specifications. Find out more!

ESK Modular Flow-Reactor Systems