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In the effort to develop ever faster and more energy efficient processes for melting aluminum, electromagnetic pumps play an ever more important role. These pumps permit fast and uniform mixing of the melting bath without mechanical moving parts.

The key to optimized pump operations are wear-free, low-maintenance, chemically resistant linings. EKatherm silicon nitride pump liners provide the ideal answer to these requirements and, thanks to their low wall thicknesses, enable optimum utilization of the electromagnetic field of the pump.

EKatherm silicon nitride is the material of choice for the cost-optimized operation of electromagnetic pumps.



Silicon Nitride
Material properties Norm Symbol/Unit EKatherm®
Density DIN EN 623-2 ρ [g/cm3] >3.24
Porosity DIN EN 623-2 P [%] <0.5
Mean grain size [μm] <2
Aspect ratio (L/D) 3-5
Phase composition β-Si3N4, Oxide
Vickers hardness DIN EN 843-4 HV 1 [GPa] 15
Knoop hardness DIN EN 843-4 HK 0.1 [GPa] 15
Young's modulus DIN EN 843-2 E [GPa] 300
Weibull modulus DIN EN 843-5 m 15
Flexural strength, 4-pt bending DIN EN 843-1 σB [MPa] 700
Compressive strength DIN 51104 σD [MPa] >2500
Poisson ratio DIN EN 843-2 ν 0.28
Fracture toughness (SENB) Klc [MPa·m0,5] 7
Coefficient of thermal expansion DIN EN 821-1
25°C - 500°C α [10-6/K] 2.5
500°C - 1000°C α [10-6/K] 3.9
Specific heat at 25°C DIN EN 821-3 cp [J/g K] 0.65
Thermal conductivity at 25°C DIN EN 821-2 λ [W/m K] 27
Thermal stress parameters calculated
R1 = σB·(1-ν) / (α·E) [K] 672
R2 = R1·λ [W/mm] 18
Specific electrical
resistance at 25°C
DIN EN 50359 ρ [Ω cm] >1011