Small shims with a big impact
March 19, 2014

In February 2014, ESK Ceramics produced the one hundred millionth EKagrip® shim

Award-winning PetroCeram® Technology
December 16, 2013

First place awarded to 3M ESK Ceramics at BG’s Chief Executive Innovation Awards 2013


ESK technical ceramics are extremely versatile thanks to their composition and properties: ESK materials optimize functionality, components and final products in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes and product areas.

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ADDITIVES, POWDERS, GRAINS, fillers, abrasives, corrosion protection ADDITIVES, POWDERS, GRAINS

As fillers, abrasives, corrosion protection ...

Antioxidants and deoxidants for refractories and copper melts ANTIOXIDANTS & DEOXIDANTS

For refractories,
additives and copper

Ballistic proctection based on high-tech ceramics Ballistic proctection based on ceramics

Ballistic armor systems based on high-tech ceramics

Sealing components, ceramic SEALING COMPONENTS

For rotary unions, gas sealing rings, and ...

Nozzles, breakrings, casting nozzles, dental nozzles, spray nozzles and blasting nozzles NOZZLES

Breakrings, casting, dental, spray and blasting nozzles.

Flow-Reactor Flow-Reactor

Modular Flow-Reactor Systems out of EKasic® Silicon Carbide

Foundry accessories FOUNDRY ACCESSORIES

Release agents, casting
nozzles, thermocouple protection sheats, radiant heater tubes ...

Components, plant engineering, chemical and thermal plants, semiconductor industry COMPONENTS FOR PLANT ENGINEERING

Chemical and thermal plants, semiconductor industry.

cosmetic powders COSMETIC POWDERS

High-purity boron nitride (BN) powder.


In material, geometry, ...

EKasic® sliding bearings BEARING COMPONENTS

Process fluid-lubricated sliding bearings

Surface engineering, chem. nickel SURFACE ENGINEERING

Coating systems based on electroless nickel

Frictional connection elements, EKagrip® FRICTIONAL CONNECTION ELEMENTS

EKagrip® friction-enhancing coatings

Tubes of silicon nitride (SiN) TUBES

Radiant heater and riser tubes, thermocouple protection sheats ...

Release agents and lubricants of boron nitride RELEASE AGENTS & LUBRICANTS

Non-ferrous Casting, aluminum extrusion ...

Evaporation boats EVAPORATION BOATS

DiMet®, LaserMet®, TriMet®

Plate heat exchangers made of EKasic® silicon carbide HEAT EXCHANGERS

Of EKasic® silicon carbide

Boron nitride ceramic accessories for the glass industry ACCESSORIES FOR THE GLASS INDUSTRY

Boron nitride sprays and supensions, crucibles ...