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With EKasic® plate heat exchangers, ESK offers compact and highly effective silicon carbide ceramic . Thanks to the materials’ special corrosion resistance and the innovative design, highly corrosive media can be used in both circuits.

The unit is ideal for use as a preheater (recuperator) and as a steam heater. The corrosion-resistant model is equally suitable for cooling concentrated acids and hot alkalis.

To round off the program, special designs are available as plate condensers for liquefying critical vapors. Flange can be up to DN 150 in size. The exchange surface is individually adapted to needs. The range also includes small sizes for lab or pilot operation.

EKasic® plate heat exchangers are preferably used in highly concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and hot caustic soda (NaOH). Thanks to their hardness, ceramics also allow particle-containing suspensions to be used. Besides improved product quality, operators also gain improved maintenance cycles – and therefore significantly reduced maintenance overheads or lifecycle costs.

For greater safety, the units can also be supplied with a fully welded plate pack of EKasic® SiC ceramics.

In the fully welded configuration, EKasic® plate heat exchangers have a monolithic core of ceramic heat exchanger plates. The plate pack is transformed into a seamless monolith by a patented diffusion-welding process. The monoliths are thereby hermetically sealed against liquids and gases. Alternatively, semi-welded models can be produced. Diffusion welding is used to weld the SiC heat-exchanger plates into individual plate pairs, which are assembled with PTFE gaskets.

In the standard design, the robust and space-saving units permit


operating pressures from -0.5 to 16 bar

an effective temperature range from -30 to +200°C

easy dismantling for maintenance and servicing

Special designs for high pressures >50 bar and temperatures up to 400°C are available on demand. Just ask us!


EKasic® plate heat exchanger CAUSTIC SODA & SULFURIC ACID

Plate heat exchangers of EKasic® silicon carbide withstand almost all acid and alkali mixtures, even at high process temperatures


EKasic® plate condensers are ideal for condensing corrosive vapors from carrier gases.