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BORONEIGE® - High-purity Boron Nitride powder for Skin Care applications


Inorganic fillers such as Boron Nitride have multiple functions in skin care formulations. They interact with lipid vehicles in a way that can be fine-tuned, and so contribute, among other advantages, to improving the spreading, skin feel, wrinkle filling, hiding power and shortening the drying times of the product in the application. The grades BORONEIGE® 301 and BORONEIGE® Superfine are ideal for skin care applications, producing a soft, velvety feel on the skin. Those grades have proven to be a synthetic filler with the following functionalities:

  • Improving tactile properties
  • High coverage degree
  • Skin smoothening property
  • Optical anti wrinkle effect
  • Reduced skin roughness

BORONEIGE® Boron Nitride has been tested in skin care applications with the focus on the optical and the dermatological effects. ESK’s very finely divided, high-purity Boron Nitride clearly produces a powerful optical anti wrinkle effect. 15 minutes after the application of a 3% BORONEIGE® powder containing cream the maximum roughness on the forearm and the periocular area was significantly (3-5.4%) reduced compared to a formulation without BORONEIGE®. Moreover the dermal and skin smoothing effects have been measured in the laboratory. A 6 weeks study with an anti wrinkle cream loaded with 3% of a micronized BORONEIGE® Boron Nitride powder showed a significant improvement of the cutaneous hydration, elasticity and thickness, while the mean roughness of the skin was reduced by 21%.
All the above results were generated in cooperation with the independent international laboratories “ISPE - Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation” ( and “Studio Rigano Industrial Consulting Laboratories” ( in Milan (Italy). The results are available on request.

High-purity Boron Nitride powder for the cosmetic industryHigh-purity BORONEIGE® Boron Nitride powder for the cosmetic industry