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Through intensive market development, ESK has developed an extensive range of dental and fine jet nozzles that meet the toughest industrial conditions.

Applications and Product Range

Under the brand name TETRABOR dental and blast nozzles from a custom-developed boron carbide material. These TETRABOR boron carbide nozzles are top-quality products. With our unique injection molding process, we are your specialist for micro blast nozzles in areas such as cleaning and modeling of, e.g., denture constructions, matting or engraving of glass or lapping of machine parts.

ESK supplies dental nozzles with an internal diameter of 0.6 to 1.8 mm. On request, we will develop individual solutions to our customers’ specifications.


Boron Carbide
Material properties Norm Symbol/Unit TETRABOR®
Density DIN EN 623-2 ρ [g/cm3] >2.48
Porosity DIN EN 623-2 P [%] <0.5
Mean grain size [μm] <10
Phase composition B4C, C
Vickers hardness DIN EN 843-4 HV 1 [GPa] 26
Knoop hardness DIN EN 843-4 HK 0.1 [GPa] 27
Young's modulus DIN EN 843-2 E [GPa] 410
Weibull modulus DIN EN 843-5 m 15
Flexural strength, 4-pt bending DIN EN 843-1 σB [MPa] 460
Compressive strength DIN 51104 σD [MPa] >2800
Poisson ratio DIN EN 843-2 ν 0.18
Fracture toughness (SENB) Klc [MPa·m0,5] 5
Coefficient of thermal expansion DIN EN 821-1
25°C - 500°C α [10-6/K] 4.5
500°C - 1000°C α [10-6/K] 6.3
Specific heat at 25°C DIN EN 821-3 cp [J/g K] 0.94
Thermal conductivity at 25°C DIN EN 821-2 λ [W/m K] 36
Thermal stress parameters calculated
R1 = σB·(1-ν) / (α·E) [K] 204
R2 = R1·λ [W/mm] 7
Specific electrical
resistance at 25°C
DIN EN 50359 ρ [Ω cm] 1